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As a large fertilizer machinery manufacturer focusing on customer demands, depending on product quality and insisting on after-sales service, Allance Fertilizer Machinery is the most reliable cooperation partner for you! Engaged in providing a comprehensive array of hot-sale organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer machines ; We will, as always, be sincerely at your service!

  • Self-propelled Compost Turner

    Our multi-functional self-propelled compost turner is commonly used for fermentation of organic materials. The fertilizer turner is a four-wheel walking style tractor, which can move forward, backward and turn freely.more

  • Hydraulic Compost Turner

    Our high output hydraulic compost turner, which is a specialized composting and turning equipment used for aerobic fermentation, can easily mix and stir large heaps of strip-stacked organic materials. Customers can make their own choices. more

  • Lane Turner

    Our high output groove type compost turner has unique design and many advantages over other types of compost turner.We offer our customers with products with good quality and competitive price. more

  • New-type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

    New type organic fertilizer dedicated granulator is used for producing pure organic fertilizer in a more eco-friendly way. Thus, it makes the whole producing process more energy-saving and economic. more

  • Semi-wet Material Crusher

    Semi-wet material crusher is a new single-rotor reversible crusher with high efficiency. This type of machine doesn’t require much on the material, and the fermented materials are more suitable for it. more

  • Chain Fertilizer Crusher

    Our easy operation chain crusher are mainly used in the production line of bio-organic fertilizer, and is the ideal equipment to crush many fertilizer materials like straws, fish powder, sludge amino acid and cereals etc. more

  • Horizontal Mixer

    Single-shaft horizontal mixer adopts novel rotor structure to mix fertilizer materials, effectively reducing the residue. Double-shaft mixer is both suitable for powdery material and viscous material. more

  • Rotary Drum Graulator

    Our rotary drum compound fertilizer granulator is used to make raw materials into specified ball shape particles. The granulation rate is quite high, so it is mainly used for large-scale compound fertilizer production.more

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